Colin Booth plays Johann Mattheson

July 28, 2021
Mattheson, The Melodious Talking Fingers
Mattheson, The Melodious Talking Fingers

Raven imports 14 CD titles recorded by British harpsichordist and harpsichord builder Colin Booth. Released in February 2021 is the second volume of works by Johann Mattheson (1681–1764), a great friend of G. F. Handel in Hamburg despite a duel they fought.

Mattheson's Twelve Fugues published in 1735 in Hamburg and dedicated to Handel are played by Booth on a two-manual, brass-strung harpsichord he built in 2016 in replication of one built in 1661 by Nicholas Celini, but with extended compass (Soundboard SBCD-216 $16.98). It is the same harpsichord used for Booth's celebrated CDs of Bach's Well Tempered Clavier, Book I Soundboard SBCD-218 2 CDs, $16.98, and Book II Soundboard SBCD-219 2 CDs, $16.98. 

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