Colin Booth plays Fogliano to Froberger

June 6, 2022
Colin Booth plays Fogliano to Froberger
Colin Booth plays Fogliano to Froberger

British harpsichordist and keyboard instrument builder Colin Booth plays Fogliano to Froberger: A Century of Ricercars on his Soundboard CD label, imported by Raven for sale in America.

Three instruments built in the Italian style by Booth, himself, are used in the recording: an undamped ottavino copied after a 17th-century original; a more powerful, double-strung 17th-century harpsichord; and a very small 16th-century single-strung harpsichord. The program includes works by Claudio Veggio, Girolamo Frescobaldi and Jacob Froberger. 

SBCD-221 $16.98 postpaid in the U.S. from 804-355-6386 and also from Amazon, E-Bay, etc.

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